Plaza Machinery
3348 Peavine Blvd
Bethel, VT 05032
Fax 802-234-6325
Visitors are welcome but by
appointment only. All prices are
subject to change. If the purchase is
made in Vermont, we charge sales
tax unless a Vermont exemption form
is supplied.
Please Note:  Our new address is:
3348 Peavine Blvd
Bethel, VT 05032
All packages and correspondence
should be sent to this address
Please—if you e-mail us, tell us what state you live in.  E-mails do not normally provide that information.
We will need it sooner or later to give you an idea on shipping costs.  If you place an order please tell us:
  • 1) The page and number if available
  • 2) A description of the item
  • 3) The cost of the item and shipping (it is hard when we get a check with no information).
Terms: Cash, check, money order, wire transfer or cashiers check. We will wait for personal and business
checks to clear.
Baldor new 3hp, Unisaw replacement motor,single phase, 230 v, $442.00, shipping costs $49.00-$69.00
Our Woodworking List is available in PDF format for download. It can only be viewed with Adobe
Reader. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, it is available free at Adobe.
All machines American made unless noted otherwise. There are some other used items and parts not listed.
Along with new and used woodworking machinery, we have a large stock of milling machines,metal
made lathes such as Clausing, South Bend, Logan, Rockwell, and Sheldon. We also have Bridgeport,
Burke Milrites, Rockwell and Clausing Mill
Links To:
New South Bend Steady rest replacements, original cast
iron design 100% American made, with adjustable
rectangular jaws,  For 9” lathe, $155.00 +$15 shipping in
the USA, or for a 10K (Light 10), $165.00, plus $15
shipping in the USA
Offering primarily used American made machinery, parts and accessories since 1981. We specialize in
drill presses including many new and used drill press parts. Delta/Rockwell, Clausing
Powermatic, South Bend, Buffalo, and Walker Turner are generally on hand in sizes from 14 to 20
You can email me at  You can also mail me a note at 3348 Peavine Blvd. Bethel, VT
05032.  If you want a call back, let me know your number and a good time to call.  Thank you--Joe
Appears to be unused.  This is for a 17" South Bend. The South
Bend Accessory # is CL2395GJ in their catalog. Max. Capacity 4
1/4", minimum capacity 1/8", weight 35 pounds, $225.
Boice Crane 8" Jointer
84 Inches Long!
Dumore Tool Post Grinder
New in Box Dorian
Rockwell Gear
Conversion set
Powermatic Grinder Base
Delta 17"Drill Press

Note:  Download the Word documents to your
computer to view them.  If you have a problem
with the files, please let us know.  We can
e-mail them to you
Pictures link to Descriptions
Please note Plaza Machinery is closed and any changes to our status will be posted
on this website.